Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Stuff!

There are a whole bunch of new umbrellas in stock at The Umbrella Shop and I've been dying to see them but things have been really busy and I've been putting it off.  No more!

For one thing, I've decided that I need to treat myself to a new umbrella for the spring and I have to pick it out!  I think the one I'm replacing is my old 2 fold, because smaller really is more practical for me.  The stick umbrella sits in the back of the car ready to get me through any unexpected downpours when I'm driving somewhere but I don't always have my car!  Some days I trade my car for the van and that always seems to be when I end up dodging raindrops.  A folding umbella fits in my purse and is always at the ready.

So, I'll be looking and, of course, I'll post some new pics very soon!

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