Friday, February 12, 2010

An Umbrella for Valentine's Day?

An umbrella for Valentine's Day?  Why not?  Chocolate is yummy (particularly if it's Godiva!) but it's gone so fast.  For me, a confirmed chocoholic, chocolate is lucky to last out the day.

And a dozen roses are beautiful but they just don't last.  I found out why this past week when someone showed me Steve Whysall's blog post on the Vancouver Sun website.  As recently as 2003 over 11 million locally grown roses were sold in BC.  That number is down to 3 million per year and dropping steadily, due to the massive influx of cheap roses from South America.  It's much cheaper to grow them there and BC growers can't compete with a price of 35 cents per stem!  Funny, but it still costs $36 or more a dozen to buy an arrangement last time I checked.  Anyhow, the reason they don't last as long as they used to is that they're probably about 2 weeks old already when you buy them!

So how's this for roses that will last?  It's a beautiful dusty rose umbrella in a tone on tone pattern of roses!  The thing I love about this umbrella is that the pattern is woven right into the material, so it's very subtle and so, so elegant.

Or you could buy a cotton floral umbrella that was made right here in Vancouver (possibly even by my son, Scott!).  This is the only umbrella factory still in existance in North America!  Although they only make a limited number here I think that just makes the ones they do produce even more special.

Here's another floral possibility, with a more contemporary look.

Or you could go with traditional hearts!  And don't forget that you can get free gift wrapping with any of these!  The Granville Island location is even open on Sunday if you're right down to the wire.  So, have a Happy Valentine's Day.

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