Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mild Winter, Bare Mountains?

Well, I'm back!  I had a nice break but Real Life hit with a bang when I got home and I've been so busy I've barely had time to breathe.  Whenever I sit down at the computer in the evening I fall asleep!

To follow up on my last post, Emily got her pagoda umbrella and said she really likes the colour.  I picked out a cheery purple especially for her.  The giveaway was a lot of fun and I'm rolling around some ideas for a new one.  Soon.

Olympic fever is starting to hit Vancouver as it dawns on all of us that the Games are starting in less than a month!  Road closures are starting to go into place and there are "no stopping" signs up along pretty well every major road, not just the ones that feed into downtown.

A lot of merchants are worrying about how their customers and suppliers are going to reach them, with a lot of places downtown being the most seriously affected.  I asked my kids if this will be a problem for them since Broadway is one of the streets with the "no stopping" signs but, of course, they have a parking lot behind The Umbrella Shop on Broadway.  Lucky for them and for folks who need to buy an umbrella in the next couple of months.  Of course, there's always online shopping too.  I tend to forget that because I like to shop in person.

It looks to me like the store is probably going to be pretty busy.  The world is coming to cold, wintry Canada for the Winter Games and it seems pretty likely that they're going to get rained on!  I'm willing to bet that a lot of the folks will be turning up with their thermal long johns and their skis but that they won't necessarily think to bring an umbrella with them.  Well, surprise!  Welcome to the (West Coast) Canadian winter.  Rain followed by showers with sunny breaks and then more rain.

Speaking of weather, the folks from The Weather Network were in the factory to do some filming the other day.  And I hear that more filming for some other shows is in the works.  I'll let you know when I have some more details.

I don't think the people who run the ski slopes, particularly the Olympic venues, are too happy right now.  It hasn't exactly been a snowy winter for them and I gather they're going to be resorting to some fakery in the coming weeks.  I know the snowmaking machines get turned on whenever possible and that vast quantities of stockpiled machine-made snow can be moved into place as necessary.  Tonight, when I was only sort of listening to the news, I heard about some plan to use bales of straw under the snow as well.

They'd better do something soon.  I was looking up at Grouse today and it looks like there are big bare patches on it!

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