Monday, January 25, 2010

Breakfast TV!

Remember I said that there was going to be more filming at The Umbrella Shop?  Well, Breakfast TV is going to be there in less than 6 hours!  They're a live, local morning show and they're going to do 3 or 4 short segments (each about 2 or 3 minutes long), possibly on making an umbrella as well as reporting on the weather, spaced out over about an hour and a half.  The first segment is supposed to start at about 6:45 am and then they're supposed to check back about every half hour.

I remember Scott did something like this before (for Urban Rush, I think, or maybe it was the Breakfast Show on CITY) and made an umbrella for Karen Khunkhun.  It was a lot of fun to watch because I'd never actually seen them make one from scratch before that.  It's very cool that they have the only umbrella factory still in existence in North America! 

The problem with a live show is that you have to be able to get the channel and you have to actually watch (or tape it).  I'm not quite up yet at 6:45 and then am far too busy trying to get everyone up, dressed and out the door to actually watch TV.  I'll have to catch it on tape.  Or maybe not.  I forgot about the marvels of modern technology.  If you go to the Breakfast TV site they have a video archive so you can still see what happened!

Scott is the only one of my kids who will be on air.  Neither Michelle nor Charlotte can make it in that early (BT is showing up at 6 am!).

But if you have a chance, check it out.  Also, keep an eye open for their bit on The Weather Network because that one cycles around and will be shown fairly often over the next while.  Yeah, what can I say?  I like to brag about my kids!

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