Tuesday, December 22, 2009

One Umbrella or a Wardrobe?

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Do you have one umbrella or a whole wardrobe of them?  I'm in between.  I have two.  One folds up and fits in a purse.  The other one doesn't.  My two daughters, on the other hand, have an entire wardrobe of them.

Now, Michelle I can understand.  She's fashion-conscious and she works surrounded by umbrellas all day long.  So it's really no surprise that she has quite a few of her own.  But I find it funny that her little sister (who is about to turn 7) has several too!

Just how many umbrellas does Devorah own?  She has a pink bubble, a floral one with a little ruffle, a Madagascar movie tie in one, a Kidorable dolphin umbrella, one that's like a hat you wear on your head and one that someone left at our wedding about 8 and a half years ago.  So, if you were at our wedding and your child lost her umbrella, now you know where it went!  Seriously, there were very few kids there and I asked all the parents afterwards but nobody seemed to think it was theirs.  It lives in our car now, ready for emergencies.  Devorah sort of alternates between the other ones, although the Kidorable umbrella is the one that's been in use recently.

Were you counting?  That's 6 umbrellas for a 6 year old!  Does this mean I have to go out in the next week or two and buy her a new one in time for her birthday?  At least she doesn't collect shoes!


  1. Hi Liisa!

    I'm a customer of The Umbrella Shop and I do own 3 of their umbrellas, but I also have a Fulton umbrella that I bought from a department store (still not cheap!). It's broken right now--one of the inner ribs has broken somehow, it hangs off sort of awkwardly and affects the structure of the umbrella in its section. I'd love to keep the umbrella and get it fixed, even though I do have more at home because this one's black (more practical for days when I don't want to get my pretty umbrellas dirty!) and it's really slim.
    Would you know of any place in Vancouver where I can get it fixed or see if it's fixable?


  2. Sorry Dawn, I've been offline for a bit. Let me check it out and get back to you.