Sunday, December 13, 2009

Best Supporting Performance by an Umbrella?

I went to see a high school performance of the Wizard of Oz this past week with half my family and half of Corry's family.  Corry's daughter, Suzie, was the Cowardly Lion and she was grrrrrrreat!  She had the audience in stitches several times and did very well with both the acting and singing.

The performance contained all those wonderful songs that you probably remember from the Judy Garland movie version and my youngest daughter, Devorah, had a tremendous time.  She sang along quietly and knew what was coming next.  The Wicked Witch didn't scare her because she used to be terrified of the movie one and just got over that about a year ago.  After that, there was no way a teenage girl (even one with green face paint) could scare her.

There were a few new scenes and slightly different twists on how the story advanced.  At one point, in the Emerald City, the Cowardly Lion was being attacked by a girl from Oz but eventually managed to get the umbrella the girl was using away from her.  Then, when the Great and Terrible Oz showed up, the Lion was able to hide behind the opened umbrella!

I've said it before: I see umbrellas everywhere!

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